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Membership FAQs

Is Stoneleigh family-friendly?
Yes! Stoneleigh G&CC welcomes children at the pool, dining and the golf course (the course has some restrictions depending on age and playing ability). We offer a children’s menu and we are delighted to offer instruction, clinics, and camps for aspiring golfers.

Can members bring guests for lunch or dinner?
Stoneleigh G&CC welcomes guests of members for lunch, dinner or private parties.

Can non-members dine at the Club if they are not accompanied by a member?
No, Stoneleigh G&CC is a private club for use by members and their guests.  There are two exceptions- corporate members have some unaccompanied guest privileges, and non-member golf outings and events (wedding, banquets) are welcome to subsidize member dues.

What special events and theme dinners does Stoneleigh offer during the year?
Stoneleigh G&CC offers a variety of special dinners including a Prime Rib dinner on the last Thursday of every month.  The Club also hosts many special events such as Brunch with Santa, Mother’s Day Brunch and an Easter Brunch/egg hunt.
Is Stoneleigh Golf & Country Club an “equity club”?
Stoneleigh G&CC is not an equity club. In an equity club the members own the club. While this can come in varying forms, in most cases members are responsible for operating losses.  That is not the case at Stoneleigh.

Will I be required to serve on any committees?
Stoneleigh G&CC is very receptive to member input, but we believe management by committee can undermine the enjoyment most members seek at a private club. The Club meets with members regularly to get feedback and always welcomes suggestions.

May I transfer my membership rather than resigning?
Only Corporate Memberships offer the opportunity to designate new users. Otherwise Stoneleigh G&CC memberships are not transferable.

May members upgrade to other categories?
Any category of membership may be upgraded at any time provided a space is available in the new category.

Do I need to know other Stoneleigh G&CC members before applying for membership?
No. Membership inquiries are welcome – please see below.   Please contact our Membership Director via email at or by phone at 540.338.4653.

Is it possible to speak with current members before applying for membership even if I don’t know any members?
We are delighted to introduce prospective applicants to other members of the Club.

I’m interested in becoming a member. What are the next steps?
Read about the application process or direct membership inquiries to

Is the membership application available online?
Yes, it can be found on the Application Process webpage or by clicking here.

Is there a probationary or waiting period where I cannot have full privileges?
This applies only in those categories that are capacity and offer a waiting list.  

What is the maximum number of members at Stoneleigh Golf & Country Club? 
The Club limits the number of full golf members to 450 and the number of social members to 70, as more fully described in the Membership Plan.

When are membership dues paid?
Membership dues are paid in advance of the first of each month.

If a new member wants to pay for their entire year up front?
Stoneleigh allows new members to prepay their first year's dues. Please contact Clinton Chapman for more details.

If a new member wants to pay for their food minimum up front, what is the discount?
Food minimums are not eligible for prepayment. To the extent a member uses the Club a modest amount food minimums likely will not even come into play.

What methods of payment are accepted for membership joining fees and dues?
Joining fees may be paid by check or credit card. Dues and incidental charges (food, cart fees, merchandise) are billed to a member account, which is subsequently charged to a credit card on file on a monthly basis.

Can members host a private party at the Club’s facilities?
Yes, we welcome private parties hosted by members. Members may also sponsor a guest to host a function at the Club.  For more information about hosting a private party at Stoneleigh G&CC, please contact our Membership Director via email at or by phone at 540.338.4653.

Does the Club accept cash?
No, Stoneleigh G&CC does not accept cash.