“We absolutely love it. Nothing compares to Stoneleigh.  It is a great value and the advice I give potential members is to do their homework and make a decision before the remaining categories fill up.”

“There’s no stuffiness or secret handshake at Stoneleigh.  You know right away if it’s a good fit; and if it is, the Club will be a huge boost to your quality of life.”

“Most of our members work and have families.  We like golf, but few of us play every day.  That means the course is almost never crowded.  There are enough members to get a game whenever I want, but if I just want to buzz around on a weeknight, I can squeeze in a few holes I couldn’t elsewhere. Sometimes it might only be 3-4 holes, but the holes are a peaceful slice of heaven compared to sitting at my desk or in front of the TV.”

"Stoneleigh just gets it. From the way you immediately feel welcome even with it being an exclusive and very private club; you also get to experience its warmth, great style and character….the club has heart.”

“Every course in the country describes themselves as ‘challenging’ and ‘championship.’ A lot of them are uninteresting after you played them a few times, and some are overly penal and unfair. Stoneleigh is different. It’s one of a kind. Interesting.  Beautiful. Fun. Every time."

“Stoneleigh is my kind of history. I am reminded of important events while enjoying my favorite activities with the people I love.”