Au revoir: The Perfect Goodbye

Wedding transportation trends have shifted over the years, along with the idea of what constitutes as the standard. While some brides and grooms still prefer the classic limousine, others are choosing unique methods of transportation guaranteed to make an unforgettable exit for the honeymoon. Here are a few ideas:

  • Vintage bon voyage. Driving away in a vintage vehicle is a great way to make your mark on your special wedding day, especially when it works with the wedding theme. For example, a vintage pickup truck is ideal for a rustic-themed wedding. The bridal party can add a unique touch by decorating the flatbed with a homemade “Just Married” sign on a piece of weathered barn siding. Couples going for a glamorous sendoff may choose a Rolls-Royce Phantom, Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud or Bentley S2. These classics make for tasteful black and white photos reminiscent of old Hollywood.

  • Happily ever after. Besides being the perfect mode of transportation for weddings with a fairytale theme, a horse-drawn buggy is both romantic and intimate for the bride and groom. Rather than speeding off down the road, the newlyweds can savor their first moments as husband and wife.

  • Going Green. Wedding transportation trends have been leaning toward energy-efficient vehicles and alternative modes. Some modern couples are downsizing from limos to vehicles that are perfect for two and environmentally friendly including as Smart cars, Vespas and tandem bikes.

  • Group Getaway. Going big can be fun too! Bringing the whole clan back to the hotel as the couple makes their exit can keep the party going. Making the exit en masse on a double-decker bus adds a dose of nostalgia to the day and makes for special photos. The newlyweds can reserve the top tier of the double-decker for themselves for a bit of privacy.

Whether it is a grand finale or a sweet and simple goodbye, make a choice that reflects you and start your new life together!

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