Hello Miss American Pie

When I consider the dessert options at wedding receptions in the last decade, it comes down to the flavor of cupcake. For a long time now, the cupcake has reigned supreme, but quite recently pie is emerging as a new trend.

After flying under the radar for several years. Pie is becoming an increasingly common alternative to wedding cake. Picture an adorable groomsmen in their sear sucker suits savoring assorted berry pies on a stick. And, better yet, the bride and groom can continue the ageless tradition of slicing it up and hand feeding it to each other. One bride ordered pies in pecan, pumpkin, apple, raspberry and brown sugar after rejecting wedding cake as flavorless and cupcakes as ubiquitous. "There's something comforting about pie," she said. "I liked the old-fashionedness of it."

A few ideas for pie inspiration:

  • The Mason jar presentation offers a vintage feel, especially when a pie is prepared inside.
  • Family style. A good cake alternative is to put a pie on every table where guests can serve themselves versus waiting in a long line for a slice.
  • The more the better. When couples cannot decide on one flavor, they could chose to go with fun mini pies offering up a variety of flavors.
  • Pie on the go. Pie Pops, just like grandma used to make, are the fruit filled pastries on a stick and crimped on the sides.
  • Pack a punch. Pie bites are without the stick, but still have the yummy center.

Pies can come in sweet or savory, maxi or mini and even deep dish or deep-fried. Couples are able to customize pies more easily than cakes making them a unique and budget friendly option for the grand finale. Itís not hard to see why pies are growing in popularity!

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