Blushing Beauty

Stress shows on our face. Brides to be have extra stress with all the planning involved in weddings and do not want stressful faces for photos and parties. Whatís a girl to do? Here are ten tips to exude that glowing beauty all brides want to show.

  • Tend to the jitters. Take a moment before the nuptials to relax. Ninety minutes of spa time will remedy bridezilla-like tendencies.
  • Watch the salt. Excess sodium in a daily diet can suck the moisture out of skin leaving it dry and dull. Until brides walk down the aisle, they can cut back on salty treats and invest in a hydrating facial moisturizer.
  • Get glowing. For brides considering a spray tan, make sure to take it for a spin two days before the wedding. This block of time allows the spray tan to settle into the skin and prevent staining the dress.
  • Wear sunscreen. Many weddings are held outdoors, especially during the summer. Brides should consider applying sun block before the outdoor festivities to avoid looking like a lobster by cake time.
  • Splurge on a pro. Working with a makeup artist and hair stylist can ease a brideís beauty woes and show them picture perfect tips. I had a trial run with a professional makeup artist and to this day Iíve never looked better in photos. They can experiment with different hairstyles and find what suits the bride best. Have a trial run in advance to avoid choosing the wrong look.
  • Stay true to yourself. Brides need to remember itís a day to embrace their beauty. The truth will set you free from worry.
  • Don't over indulge on blush. Brides will be blushing anyway, so go light with blush.
  • Use waterproof products. Just in case... using a lengthening and curling mascara first to help build lashes then adding an additional coating of waterproof mascara at the very ends provides waterproof security and also helps hold the curl in lashes.
  • Make it last. The photographer will be snapping photos all night, so use products with staying power and keep a small pouch with touch-up cosmetics nearby. A great trick for ultimate wearing power is to layer makeup: use makeup primers, alternate lipstick with pressed powder, line fillers and setting powder.
  • Donít wash your hair. The secret to a long-lasting style and updo is to work with hair thatís a day or two since shampooing. Spray a little dry shampoo along the roots if needed.

Finally remember that nothing is more beautiful than a smile!

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