Night and Day

“Night and day, you are the one. Only you 'neath the moon or under the sun.”

– Frank Sinatra

Depending on venue and date, brides may or may not control the timing of the ceremony, but for those who do here are the pros and cons of daytime vs. nighttime weddings.

Pre-wedding plans. Late morning or early afternoon ceremonies work well for brides that don’t need much time to prepare. However, if a bride has a large bridal party or prefers a relaxed pace for hair and make-up, a late afternoon or early evening wedding ceremony will reduce stress.

Day of the week. However Friday and Sunday weddings have less flexibility on ceremony time than Saturday weddings.. Most people getting married on a Friday choose to have the ceremony during late afternoon or early evening to allow guests time to travel from work to the wedding venue. Sunday brides often choose to get married earlier to maximize time with friends and family before guests have to leave.

Time of year affects sunset. Before brides decide the ceremony time, they may want to see how much they need between the ceremony and reception. Google the sunset time to work backwards, figuring in time for a cocktail party, photos or any desired activities, to determine the best time for the wedding ceremony to start. Allow time for transitions.

Vibe. Daylight weddings lend themselves to simplicity, whereas evening weddings are typically more formal. Day weddings can easily be outdoors, natural in style with a garden feel. There will be less drinking at a wedding on a Sunday or earlier in the day on a Saturday. This can save money and is a personal choice for others.

Budget. Saturday late afternoon and evening weddings are prime time and therefore come at a premium price. Those seeking savings can do well to consider Friday or Sunday weddings.

Some of my friends have tied the two together, taking advantage of the beautiful daylight and the romantic elegance of the evening. They held the ceremony earlier when the daylight allowed for better photos then had a cocktail reception before a Saturday evening reception. Brides that can’t decide can have the best of both worlds like my friends!

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