Wedding Gifts: Part 2

Here is a question… knowing what you know about married and family life, what 10 things would you ask for now if you were getting married?

imgYesterday I poked around and showed you 10 items which we received as wedding gifts in 1994 and still use. It became clear when looking at how much my life has changed over the years and how differently we live, many of the day-to-day items, especially glassware, pasta bowls and serving dishes just did not survive us. In addition, knowing what I now know about what we do not buy, there are different, perhaps more personal items that I would ask for. If we were to do it all over again, here is my list:

  1. The best pots and pans money can buy, All-Clad or Le Creuset.
  2. Good flatware like Reed and Barton Durham Matte, because it does last.
  3. Really good tools; saw, drills, levels, screwdrivers, etc.
  4. A fancy toaster, maybe a light blue one!
  5. KitchenAid Mixer. Damon, my husband, got me mine for my 8th Mother's Day. I use it all the time!
  6. Wusthof Classic Iron Knives.
  7. Art. Affordable art prints add character to a home.
  8. A Robert Abbey Annika Lamp. Knowing how we just do not spend money on lamps this fancy, I would have asked for one, like this classic. Timeless and so gorgeous!
  9. A good camera. We use our Canon 60D camera daily.
  10. Juliska Berry and Thread Dinnerware. I adore this versatile and beautiful dinnerware.


So there you go. 10 things I would ask for now and here are 5 things I would not ask for:

  1. Glassware of any kind. Going to Marshalls and Target for these items is too much fun to request them as gifts.
  2. Fancy linens, except a nice large tablecloth and maybe vintage ones.
  3. Gadgetry kitchen utensils because they are fun and easy to pick up yourself.
  4. Anything "His" of "Hers". That's a big no no.
  5. Photo frames. I am just too picky.

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This edition of Aisle Dish is written by guest writer, artist and blogger, Lesli DeVito. Learn more about Lesli and her work at My Old Country House.