Step it Up

The first things that come to mind when planning a wedding are guest list, invitations, food, photos, music, that dream wedding dress and the list goes on. Did someone mention shoes? Being such a small detail in the grand scheme, choosing the perfect bridal shoe can be overlooked. Don’t let this detail slip. Finding a pair of beautiful shoes that can be comfortably worn all day is not the easiest task, but here are a few tips.

Comfort. Brides are on their feet all day, so choosing something comfortable is a priority. Some brides are used to wearing heels and may not be bothered by them as much as other people. However, those that don’t usually wear heels could choose a beautiful pair of flats, especially if they want to be a little kinder to their feet. Venue and the weather play a large role in shoe selection. In an outdoor summer wedding, strappy sandals or wedges would be a good choice. Pencil heels dig into the ground, making it difficult to walk and increase the chance of getting stuck and falling over! On the other hand, if it were indoors during winter, closed shoes would protect feet from the cold.

Style. Select a style of shoe that will match the wedding dress. While dress shopping, carry a pair of shoes with the same heel to ensure a good match. When looking for the shoes, bring a sample of the wedding dress fabric along for color matching. White shades vary greatly. While most people suggest choosing a shade that matches the dress, there’s no rule that it must. Some prefer to spice things up and choose a color that matches the bouquet, the sash on a dress or bridal jewelry. Choose a shoe with metallic elements or glitter to really make a statement. Consider the kind of embellishments on the dress. If the dress is lacy or has a lot of embroidery, crystals, etc., look for simple shoes, to balance the effect. However, if the wedding dress is simple, fancy shoes can jazz up the overall look.

Time. Allow plenty of time to find the perfect shoe. Many women have a strong attachment with their shoes. Give me a pair of sexy high heels and all my blues on a gloomy day will vanish into thin air! Since shoes can have such an impact on one’s psyche, buying a pair for the happiest day of her life should be taken quite seriously.

"Give a girl the correct footwear and she can conquer the world" - Bette Midler

Everything, from the look to the feel of the wedding shoes has to be perfect. Considering comfort, style and time will help brides find just the right pair. These shoes should be such that they enhance the beauty of the wedding dress and at the same time, make the bride so comfortable that she can truly enjoy her special day!

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