Follow the Sign

When it comes to special events, Iím drawn to the signs and the image they project. Signs are key since they serve both informational and aesthetic functions. Even though my wedding was absolutely beautiful and just about everything went smoothly, Iíll never forget my disappointment after learning the directional signs, that I had gone to great lengths for, were never staked in the ground. Here are a few tips to follow:

imgMake a statement. My favorite signs are the distressed, wooden, handmade wedding signs. Whether itís a directional or a shabby chic menu sign, signs that are scattered throughout the grounds can be interesting and add a bit of whimsy to the scene. A handwritten wedding sign is customizable and can be a stylish and wonderful way to infuse personality. Whether itís nailed to a stake in the ground or hanging from a tree wedding signs can be a great, inexpensive feature. Beyond functionality, they make for great photo opportunities.

Guest Assistance. Signs set the tone for the wedding, as guests make their way to the destination and get them there in an efficient manner. Most people use their navigation systems to get from point A to point B, but honestly, GPS systems can get quirky. Plus, thereís no greater thrill than looking up along the route to see a fun sign or marker. Guests will depend on signs for directions and parking as well as various reception signs, buffets labels, guest setting, etc.


Placement matters. Signs are created for guests, so itís important they be placed in areas they will be accessible and not be overlooked. Assign a trustworthy group of friends who have no other wedding responsibilities to coordinator sign installation. Walk the route and/or the grounds with this friend so they know ahead of time, where to stake the signs and provide a map.

Two of my favorite websites, Pinterest and Etsy, feature handmade signs that can work for brides and groom on their big day. If couples are looking for a less handmade look, but still very affordable, there is or With some careful thought and preparation, brides and grooms can provide atmosphere and guidance for their guests.


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