Thoughtful Gift Bags

Out of the weddings Iíve attended, there was one in particular that presented us amazing gift bags upon our arrival. To this day, I compare all goody bags and souvenirs to this treasure.

Showing appreciation for out-of-town wedding guests by giving them a personalized gift bag helps set the tone for the  wedding festivities and to help visitors enjoy local attractions beyond the wedding celebration. Providing guests with local spots, directions, treats and area specific items from the couple- to-be can be a lot of fun on any budget.

Depending on the location, brochures from a favorite spa, salon and fitness center along with  maps of the area, suggested restaurants and other activities like museums. For example, here in Northern Virginia, wineries and fruit orchards are all over the map Ė geographically and in quality. Brides could provide nice bags filled with brochures of local favorites and even a bottle from their favorite vineyard if the budget allows. If the bag itself is part of the keepsake, guests can spend their down time filling it with goodies theyíve discovered. Itís a nice touch when the bride throws in a few samples to entice guests to venture out and enjoy the area.

Remember to Include practical information specific to the wedding and venue. Getting lost and arriving late tarnishes a visitorís experience so use your local knowledge to help them get past what GPS might tell them. Note whether online map services and GPS is functioning or quirky for your venues. Communicate helpful tips and schedule reminders to guests. Add a list of important numbers in case they need to reach someone to directions to the venue, these will help guests enjoy their visit with less stress. Brides can enjoy decorating gift bags with ribbon, personalized monograms, stickers and more. Itís taking the time to select what goes in the bag that will really make an impression with guests. Gift bags are a way to show guests how much their presence is appreciated. Nothing says thank you like a thoughtful gift.

Assembling the welcome bags can take some time and at the end there may be fatigue with the project or other priorities competing for attention, but take a few moments on the most important item Ė a note to welcome your guest and to thank them for spending the time and money to join in your celebration.

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