Black and Blue

One of my favorite advice columnists had a recent inquiry from a groom’s mother. She was distraught over her future daughter-in-law‘s choice of black wedding gown and bridesmaids’ dresses. The family was up divided and actively bickering. This prompted me to reconsider the growing trend in weddings for the bride and groom to make it about them, often departing from traditional decisions.

imgOrigin of White. The bride-in-black clearly does have her own style and is perceived by some to be a renegade departing from eons of tradition. In fact, brides used to wear gowns in a variety of hues. It wasn’t until the marriage of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert in 1840 that set the trend for white wedding gowns.

Trend or Fad? The black wedding dress trend has received growing fanfare in the past few years, but has been more runway than reality. However, 2013 may open the eyes of the masses to black. We’ve seen splashes of black spilling its way into wedding themes for the past few years on cakes, dress accents and more. A black needn’t imply goth rather, it can add a contemporary edge on a classic wedding palette. Brides can find inspiration at and discover black themes galore.

imgIn response to the inquiry, the columnist reminded the should-be-celebrity writer how trivial dress color is when it comes to the union of two individuals. Family members and friends should stay focused on what matters and not worry about materialist details. The building and nurturing of relationships that will last a lifetime is key. When making decisions in the planning of a wedding, the celebration should be about what’s most important: two individuals making the decision to be together and bringing their love and style in tow.


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