Here Comes the Groom

There was an old saying, “A man never knows how unimportant he is until he goes to his own wedding.” Today’s groom has come a long way from just showing up on the day of the wedding.  Men and women have crossed over in territories that were once traditionally gender specific. If you are the type of man who would like to be involved, here are some trends and ideas.
The Bar and Beverages.  This is the most common thing that brides will put their beaus in charge of for the wedding. Generally, the groom handles how much of their budget can handle the bar, what alcohol should be available and how the bar payments will be handled. Themes and signature drinks are trending. Traditional restrictions and taboos are falling by the wayside in favor of unique and fun celebrations. If you’re a tequila man, add some heat to the reception with a tequila bar.

The Gift Registry. Have fun and consider options other than Crate and Barrel that are specific to you. Best Buy is a great place for your wedding registry especially electronics, communication and home theater. An original idea would be to add on your wedding website what your favorite sports team is, then your friends can all pitch in to try to get season tickets for you and your beau – best wedding gift ever for sports fans everywhere.  The Man Registry has all types of great gifts that men will love and things that are classy enough to give as wedding presents.

The Wedding Band. When the Boston Celtics won the world championship in 2008 it took a team of top executives months to interview jewelers and design their championship rings. They savored the experience and labored with pride over every detail. Today, men are putting more thought into these meaningful pieces of jewelry. There are many different styles and metals of wedding bands that men can choose from. Decide on a budget or at least a price range – depending on the style, metal, stones, and design that you are looking for, you may even be able to custom-design your ring for an affordable price. Be proud, be creative.

The Honeymoon. While your partner irons out the final wedding details, planning the honeymoon can be great fun for the groom. Find tips on planning the honeymoon and ask your bride-to-be’s advice on where she wants to go and what she wants to do. Take it upon yourself to find fun trip activities and share them with her. You can book and plan all the details, which most women will find very romantic.

To all the grooms out there that think they have been forgotten: there are ways to contribute that you can enjoy. Taste testing, running around Best Buy with the registry gun, choosing your wedding band and finding places to go snorkeling for your honeymoon are just some ways. After all, it is a union of two.

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