Dressing the Bridesmaids

The bridesmaid tradition is thought to have originated from Roman law, which required ten witnesses at a wedding in order to outsmart evil spirits by dressing in identical clothing to the bride and groom, so that the evil spirits would not know who was getting married. Today we’re trying to avoid the karma police, not evil spirits. So avoid puffy chiffon or satin ruffles you wouldn’t be caught dead in.
Modern bridal celebrations often break from the tradition of exact matching gowns. As brides get more creative and think outside the box, mixing it up has become more popular and more interesting, especially for the bridesmaid who has been in a number of her friends’ weddings. A dear friend was delighted recently when instructed by the bride to “Just buy something navy as your bridesmaid dress.”

Consider browsing the cocktail dresses outside of the bridal department. Many bridesmaids would love for you to go in this direction with the hopes that they will be able to wear the dress again.

It is also very considerate to open the door to your bridesmaid and ask about their fashion preferences. Choosing apparel with different silhouettes, hemlines and necklines, but within the exact same color and material, helps to make certain that each gown is different but coordinated and flattering to each bridesmaid’s physique.

As a bride you want your friends to be happy on your special day. That is more easily achieved if they have some control over what they wear. Giving them options will be kind to their pockets, physiques and personal tastes; and comfortable, happy bridesmaids look the best in your wedding photos!

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