Funny Wedding Moments

Countless hours go into planning perfect weddings that will go off without a hitch.... but sometimes things outside the control of planners (and reception venues) go horribly wrong. Here are a few memorable, if unexpected moments.

“The priest who married us forgot our names. He was at the pulpit and said ‘We are gathered here today to celebrate the marriage of.....of......of......’ as his eyes crinkled in vain to see our names written on a scrap of paper which he had left on the altar. ‘Of....of....’ he continued....then came a divine flash of inspiration and he settled on ‘these two young people’.”

“The groom decided he would carry the ring to the altar.  The Officiant asked for the ring and the groom put his hand in his pocket. It came up empty so he checked his other pockets.  The guests were laughing, the bride smiled and seethed at the same time. Everyone applauded when lo and behold, he had it all the time!”

“Two weeks before the wedding, the limo company cancelled. The new limo company got lost and was unable to find me on the day of my wedding. They also lost my number, so instead left a message with our priest. The priest then handed a note to my husband saying the limo driver couldn’t find me. I found the limo and made it to the church to see my poor husband sweating bullets that I might have ditched. We both felt the worst was over and started to enjoy the moment. After the ceremony, we discovered that the limo had hit a car in the church parking lot! The reception was perfect, and made up for the beginning of the evening.”

“For my parents’ wedding, my dad was concerned about mom feeding him cake after they had cut it. His nerves caused him to bite down quickly on my mom's fingers. My favorite picture from their album is of my mom with a pained look on her face shaking her hand so quickly it is just a blur in the photo.”

“We went to a wedding with our son, who was about 20 months old.  He was fidgeting and couldn’t sit still. Just when they got to the point where they ask, ‘If anyone knows of any reason while these two should not be wed, speak now...’ I tried to pick up my son who piped up ‘ NO! NO!.’ The guests’ faces were dumbfounded. After a moment passed, they started to chuckle realizing what had happened and the happy couple were wed without further protest.”

Wishing you a perfect day, and failing that at least a funny story. 

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