Dance the Night Away

It was when my husband and I first met with our deejay that our wedding reception started to come alive.  Once I heard the Big Band tunes of the 1940ís with Glenn Miller's Orchestra playing Blue Moon, I began to envision my perfect wedding.

Music is one of the most memorable elements of your wedding day and will set the tone for your party. Below are a few easy tips for music that will help guarantee an unforgettable day, not to mention get people out of their chairs and onto the dance floor:

  • If you're hiring a DJ or band, be clear about your likes and dislikes. Donít want the Electric Slide or Macarena? Make it known ó in writing.

  • Develop an outline for your reception, as if it is a movie script. Figure out which key moments will require specific wedding music (e.g. first dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, the bouquet or garter toss) and which moments simply require background music (e.g. during the reception meal and cake cutting).

  • Think about the kind of feel you want your reception to have. What is the vibe?  Is it a high-energy party? Go heavy on the up-tempo tunes. Want a dreamier, more romantic tone?

  • Involve guests from all age groups and walks of life.  Great Grandma may only cut a rug to one song but youíll remember it for years.  Be smart about explicit lyrics. Some of your favorite songs might seem harmless enough on your iPod, but they could make for some awkward situations when played for a big, age-diverse crowd.  Have a song that you absolutely must have at your wedding but fear it could baffle or even offend older relatives? Save it for late in the evening, when most of the remaining guests will be your friends.

  • Decide ahead of time on participation.  Will requests be encouraged?  Some couples even include a spot on your response cards for guests to suggest their favorite dancing songs.

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Aisle Dish is written by Meredith Thomas, Stoneleigh's in-house Event Consultant.  If you would like assistance planning your special day, Meredith offers a complimentary one-hour consultation to all brides hosting their wedding at the Club and is available for further planning services at an additional fee.  Contact Meredith at [email protected] or 540.338.4653 ext. 303.