Don’t Forget the Send-off!

The grand finale, the exit of the bride and groom, can be one of the most memorable events of your special day as you say farewell to your friends and family as you begin your new life together.  

My favorite moment of my own wedding was the send-off, mixed with tears of joy and screams of delight as we rode off into the sunset to begin our journey of life.  We were showered with love, affection and tons of bird seed, which is still found in the cracks of our antique convertible five years later. 

Most couples choose getaway transportation that reflects their style, but the other elements of a send-off are sometimes an after-thought. Here are some simple options to make sure your exit is the icing on your wedding cake.

  • Bubbles:  Non-toxic solution. No stain or damaged clothing and no mess to clean up.  Involves children and taps the inner youth of the adults. Also, the reflections and lighting effects caused in the glistening spheres can make for some wonderful photos.

  • Sparklers: More dramatic, pyrotechnical.  Wedding sparklers come in a variety of different colors and lengths. For the best results, buy sets that burn slowly and are at least 20″ in length. Many children love sparklers, but the youngest may be driven to tears so give adequate warning to young mothers. 

  • Birdseed: Modern twist on the classic tradition. Safer than rice for local wildlife.  Symbolizes fertility.

  • Streamers & Ribbon Wands: Match colors to your wedding theme or utilize your favorite sports team colors.

  • Butterflies: Wondrous, beautiful and colorful, butterflies can be ordered online and usually come in small cardboard boxes that have been engraved with the couple's names and the date of the wedding. Guests open the boxes to release the butterflies as you make your exit.

  • Silly String: For the fun-loving couple, the guests can send them off in a blast of silly string. Be sure to invest in cans of silly string that are both non-toxic and non-staining.  Make a young boy’s year by appointing him in charge of distribution.

  • Rose Petals: Classic beauty with color that pops against a white wedding dress. Available in bags from local florists. Place a handful in decorative bags for each guest. 

  • Doves: Peace, love, elegance.  Rent local handlers.

  • Confetti: Playful, fun, celebratory. Use colorful confetti or confetti eggs, which are simply hollowed-out eggs that have been filled with confetti.

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Aisle Dish is written by Meredith Thomas, Stoneleigh's in-house Event Consultant.  If you would like assistance planning your special day, Meredith offers a complimentary one-hour consultation to all brides hosting their wedding at the Club and is available for further planning services at an additional fee.  Contact Meredith at [email protected] or 540.338.4653 ext. 303.